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On behalf of our governors, staff and pupils may I take this opportunity to welcome you to Wrekin View Primary School which has been serving the community of Wellington since 2004.  

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, welcoming and inclusive school that encourages everyone in the school community to reach their full potential.

We are a larger than average sized primary school, we are committed to knowing every child and family, as a result we are able to support ‘the whole child’ and ensure that every pupil can develop academically, socially and emotionally to their fullest.  

We are extremely proud of the education we offer the children who attend Wrekin View.   Every learning area is well resourced with state of the art ICT. There are extensive outdoor learning opportunities with our specially dedicated Forest School Area, large playing fields and an all year round Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). We are also able to boast wonderful views of the famous Wrekin.

Our vision of 'Happy, successful, curious communicators’ can only be successful with strong links between home and school. The Senior Leadership Team will always make themselves available and the Staff are always be on hand to listen to any concerns you may have.

The teaching staff at Wrekin View work hard to deliver a broad balanced curriculum that provides enjoyment and valuable learning experiences. Every child will gain the opportunity to take part in memorable events such as trips, visits and having special visitors coming to the school to inspire us. These opportunities will help every child to develop their 21st century skills to use as they embark on a journey of lifelong learning.

At Wrekin View we believe that with small steps every child can make Giant Progress!!!

If you would like to know more, or should you wish to visit, please contact the school and we would be delighted to show you around our thriving, happy and caring school.

Adrian Pembleton - Head Teacher


Senior Leadership Team

HEAD TEACHER Mr Adrian Pembleton

DEPUTY HEAD Miss Lesley Stephenson (Lead for Teaching & Learning, Assessment, Writing)

ASSISTANT HEAD Mr Paul Kilburn (KS2 Phase Leader, DSL, Personal & Development Lead)

ASSISTANT HEAD Mrs Joanne Preston (KS1 Phase Leader, Special Educational Needs & Inclusion Lead)

ASSOCIATE ASSISTANT HEAD Mrs Charlotte Gowen (Lead Practitioner, Reading & Curriculum Lead)

TEACHER Nursery  Mrs Susan Staveley (Lead Practitioner, EYFS Phase Leader)


Early Years Team

TEACHER Nursery  Mrs Susan Staveley (EYFS Lead)

TEACHER Reception  Mrs Laura Cartwright

TEACHER Reception Mrs Alex Kubiak & Miss Jessica Swinnerton

DAY CARE LEAD Miss Hannah Barnett 

LSP Miss Jasmine Darrall

LSP Miss Cheryl Rhodes

LSP Miss Steph Denson

LSP Mrs Hayley Evans

LSP Mrs Hannah Burnett


Year 1 and Year 2

TEACHER Year 1 Mrs Olga Parkes

TEACHER Year 1 Miss Amber Jones

TEACHER Year 2 Mrs Charlotte Gowen & Mrs Sarah Price

TEACHER Year 2 Mrs Rebecca James

TEACHER Language Class Mrs Joanne Preston (am)

LSP Mrs Donna Credidio

LSP Miss Chloe Howells 

LSP Miss Marie Bell 

LSP Mrs Bridie Jones

LSP Mrs Emma Long (am)

LSP Miss Wendy Marsh

LSP Miss Megan Harrison


Year 3 and Year 4

TEACHER Year 3 Miss Emma Atkins

TEACHER Year 3 Miss Chloe Norton

TEACHER Year 4 Miss Lesley Stephenson & Mr Paul Kilburn 

TEACHER Year 4 Miss Gemma Maybury

LSP Miss Angela Coupland

LSP Mrs Geanina Voiculescu 

LSP Mrs Emma Long (pm)

LSP Miss Pam Higgs (am)

LSP Miss Kayleigh Darrall 

LSP Miss Natalie Hibbert


Year 5 and Year 6

TEACHER Year 5 Mrs Sarah Colton-Lowe

TEACHER Year 5 Miss Katie Hodson

TEACHER Year 6 Mr Matthew Lill

TEACHER Year 6 Mr Oliver Cleevely

TEACHER Base Camp Mrs Elizabeth Harrison

LSP Miss Vicki Hanson

LSP Mr Roger Gough

LSP Miss Michelle Munnelly

LSP Mrs Rhona Cowan

LSP Miss Samatha Conlon


Support Team

TEACHER Mrs Alice Common

TEACHER Mrs Emily Jenkins

TEACHER Miss Julie Nickless

HLTA Mrs Joan Harvey

HLTA Miss Jenna Rouse

HLTA Mr Nick Mullinder

HLTA Mrs Ania Wiewiora

LSP Mrs Oznur Glover


Pastoral Team





Administration Team


ADMINISTRATOR Mrs Veronica Elliott


ICT Support

Mr Dan Gough




Mr Ben Chawner


Co-opted Governors (4)

Mr. Andy Baker

Mrs. Jenny Molloy 

Mrs Lucy Sobey

Staff Governor (2)

Mr. Adrian Pembleton (Headteacher)

Mr Matthew Lill (Teacher)

Parent Governors (2)


Mr D Wright (Chair of Governors)

Foundation Governors (2)

Mr David Cadwell (Vice Chair)

VAC (Non Teaching Staff Member)

Meeting Attendance

 Initial Surname     27/02/2020 02/07/2020 02/07/2020 29/09/2020 10/12/2020 04/02/2021 25/05/2021 01/07/2021 06/10/2021  30/11/2021 08/02/2022
E JONES YES YES YES YES YES Yes Yes Apologies Apologies MT MT
A BAKER YES YES X YES YES YES x Yes Apologies x x
D CADWELL - - - - YES YES x Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lill                    Yes (MT) Yes





L Stephenson


J Preston


Register of Business Interests        
Name Business Interest Other establishments governed Relationships with staff/members of the governing body Date
A Pembleton None

The Grove School, Market Drayton

TAW ICT Governance Board

None 06/10/2021
A Baker None Hollinswood Primary None 06/10/2021
J Molloy None None None 06/10/2021
L Sobey None None None 06/10/2021
D Wright None None None 06/10/2021
E Jones None None None 06/10/2021
D Cadwell None The Grove School, Market Drayton None 06/10/2021


Our Ofsted report is available in full here: 

Ofsted Report

Report PDF

For more information click here


Learning Support Practitioners Level 2 or Level 3 (Dependant on experience and qualification)


We are seeking to appoint enthusiastic positive and energetic staff to join our hardworking and dedicated team.   

The post holders’ responsibilities include providing general classroom support, meeting pupils’ emotional, social, and physical needs and liaising with teaching staff in the development and delivery of an adapted curriculum.  We want all our pupils to be happy, successful, curious communicators and we want staff to help us achieve this.  


Wrekin View Primary School is a popular & over subscribed school in Wellington Telford that has pupils from the age of 2 up to 11. 


Visits to the school are encouraged and welcomed.  


To Apply


An application form and further details are available from the school at


All completed application forms and supporting statements should be e-mailed directly to the School at


Closing date for applications:  

5.00pm Thursday 30th March 2022


Level 3 Job Description  Level 2 Job Description  Application Form  Information about school & MAT


Wrekin View Primary School & Nursery


Lead Administrator



Title of postLead Administrator  


Salary scale5


Point on scale SCP 13-17



Contracted working weeks – Term time plus 2 weeks



Hours per week - 37



Daily working hours – 8am – 4pm



Lunch break arrangements - 30 minutes (to be arranged on rota for staff cover)  




Key areas of responsibility


•          Headteachers PA


•          Management of MIS system including updating and running of census


•          Staff attendance admin, including stage 1 & 2 meeting and note taking


•          Arranging staff cover


•          New pupil starter and in-year transfer 


•          Health and Safety lead, including first aid, training, business continuity 


•          GDPR lead person 


•          Website and policy update management 


•          Gross payroll approval 


▪ To support the Headteacher in managing workload, commitments, paperwork and communications within Wrekin View and to prioritise and filter information




To ensure that the Senior Leadership Team is fully supported at all levels


To support the Headteacher/Operations Manager in preparing, reviewing and evaluating policies and other school documents


To attend Leadership Team meetings, as appropriate, and to respond to key issues that require further action


To support the Headteacher in preparing bids, presentations and documentation to promote Wrekin View locally and nationally

To support the Headteacher in preparing agendas and papers for the Federated Governing Body and to liaise with the Governor’s section at BT&W


To support Governors to undertake their duties effectively by ensuring good lines of communication



To be responsible for election processes and procedures of new Parent Governors

To work with the Headteacher on all HR issues relating to staff employment - DBS checks, maintain management of the SCR system, interview and appointment process and to liaise with the School Operation Manager/HR officer over salary changes


To liaise with the Local Authority to ensure that contracts of employment and payment procedures are in place for all staff


To support the Senior Leadership Team in all matters of the strictest confidentiality


To overview and support the work of staff in the Administration Team ensuring all aspects of administration are well organised and run efficiently. The lead Administrator will work closely with the Headteacher


Work with the Headteacher to ensure that clear systems are established for ways of working and that administrative staff are sure about their duties and responsibilities



Ensure that administrative systems are flexible and that staff can  cover for the absence of a colleague

Support the Headteacher to oversee the Performance Management process for support staff and to link that to training to support career development and progression


To manage resources to support the work of the administrative team, maintaining an overview of the budget





To play a key role in organising key events for the school eg Open Evening, Staff Conferences, etc. Ensuring that events run smoothly and reflect the work of the school positively within the community. This will involve the effective deployment of others

General administrative duties 


▪ To ensure that good and effective communications are operating throughout the campus


▪ To work with other staff and technicians to keep the website and OLE up to date


▪ Comply with and assist with the development of policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection, reporting all concerns to an appropriate person


▪ Be aware of and support difference and ensure equal opportunities for all


▪ Contribute to the overall ethos/work/aims of the school


▪ Develop constructive relationships and communicate with other agencies/professionals


Knowledge and Skills


▪ Share expertise and skills with others


▪ Use skills and knowledge to design and refine systems and ways of working to ensure maximum efficiency for the school.


▪ Demonstrate the ability to be reflective of personal practice 


▪ Participate in training and other learning activities and performance development as required


▪ Recognise own strengths and areas of expertise and use these to advise and support others


To undertake any reasonable tasks commensurate with the title and grade of post held

Line manager (also responsible for performance management)





Job Description   Person Specification  Application Form  Information about school & MAT



Welcome back to school for the new term!  To provide additional support to our schools we have increased the capacity of our LCT Attendance & Welfare Team, we have some new faces and slight changes in the schools we are working with.  We are all based within the Trust offices at HLC but are in our schools every week providing advice, professional guidance and working hard helping to ensure that our students get the best possible education and pastoral support.  We would like to introduce you to everyone and let you know who to contact if we can help or support you.


Our Education Welfare Officers work with our schools, families and students to promote and support good school attendance and to help resolve any issues that may be impacting on attendance and welfare at school.  We also liaise with the local authority regarding unauthorised holidays in term-time, persistent absence, child employment, elective home education and legal issues relating to school attendance.  Please always contact your child’s school in the first instance, but if you feel that you need to speak to us, please contact school staff and ask them to pass your details to the relevant EWO.

Nikki Morrison: Nikki is the Team Leader and manager of the EWOs, counsellors and mentors.  She supports all our schools with a variety of attendance and welfare issues and has specific responsibility for Charlton School.  Nikki is also the Education Welfare Consultant for Millbrook Primary School.  

Dan Santopietro: Dan is the EWO for HLC Primary, Wrekin View Primary and Crudgington Primary, and also provides EWO support to Meadows Primary School in Ketley.  Dan has a dual role and is also an Education Mentor (see below).

Dawn Mitchell:  Dawn is the EWO for our specialist schools, which are Queensway North and South and Severndale Specialist Academy in Shrewsbury.  Dawn also provides EWO support to Kickstart Academy.

Adrian Rawsthorne: Adrian is the EWO for HLC Secondary and Ercall Wood Academy, and also works alongside Nikki at Charlton School, which is the biggest of our secondary schools.  

Nikki also manages the Food Hub at HLC, which is part of our food support project.  Our LCT colleague, Russell Garner, manages the Community Fridge at Wrekin View Primary and the Community Café.  If you need to access food support but are unable to get to HLC or Wrekin View, please ask your child’s school to pass your contact details to Nikki or Russell.  If we aren’t available, any of our team will be able to help you.  Please just ask, we are here to help, and all requests can be kept confidential.




Our Education Mentors work with our students whose attendance, behaviour or health issues are preventing them from reaching their full potential at school. 

Wayne Denfhy and Dan Santopietro: Wayne and Dan mentor students across the LCT schools, and also provide mentoring support for students at Meadows Primary and Kickstart.  School staff and LCT staff can make referrals for students who they feel need the support and advocacy that a mentor can provide.


Our Counsellors help our students to discuss their problems, thoughts and feelings in a confidential setting, and offer them strategies to help improve their emotional wellbeing and mental health.   With our younger children, this can be done through play as well as through talking and listening.  Fay and Jessica have a variety of resources and a wealth of experience that enables them to work with  our children from Reception to year 11.

Fay Daniel: Fay is the counsellor for HLC Secondary, Charlton, Ercall Wood, Queensway North and Queensway South. 

Jessica Jenkins:  Jessica is the counsellor for HLC Primary, Wrekin View and Crudgington, and also provides counselling services to students at Kickstart Academy, Meadows and Millbrook Primaries.

Our schools have systems in place to identify and support students who may benefit from emotional health and wellbeing support.  As well as the counsellors, our schools have teams including pastoral staff, SEND staff, safeguarding staff, attendance officers and family liaison officers, all of whom can offer different skills and experience alongside that of teaching staff, to help your child at school.


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